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If a database does not have a log segment on a separate device from data segments, you cannot use dump transaction to copy the log and truncate it. If a user or threshold procedure issues a dump transaction command on a database where a dump database or another dump transaction is in progress, the second command sleeps until the first completes. Truncating a log that has no free space. When the transaction log is very full, you may not be able to use your usual method to dump it. If you used dump transaction or dump transaction with truncate_only, and the command failed because of insufficient log space, use the with no_log option of dump transaction.

The records to be purged are selected based on criteria specified using the other sp_dump_history parameters. listfiles – displays the list of dump history file names. help – shows the syntax for sp_dump_history. @until_time = 'date' optional allows you to specify a date and time, with Backup Server purging all dump objects created before. dump tran to load tran from In normal operations, you will likely have more transaction dump files than database dump files, and it’s important to manage them efficiently. You must restore transaction dump files in the order they were created following a full backup.

No, it's not possible. Even if you might be able to hack your way around this restriction, the resulting log dumps would be useless, and laoding them could result in logically corrupt databases etc -- which is why this restriction is there in the first place. 1970990-DUMP DATABASE getting an incorrect warning message about DUMP TRAN with truncate_only - ASE. dump tran db_name to device_name with standby_access This command allows to take backup of the log probably quite frequently and restore the log on another server used as warm standby server. This second server may be used for reporting purposes making the load on the first server lower. 05/08/2015 · The recommendation is to have the thresholds set within the database and to include automated dump configuration. The reason for this being that if the database writes logs quicker than you transaction log dump is scheduled for that the threshold is the backup method to trigger a transaction log dump when the thresholds are breached.

The ALS option is persistent; once you enable ALS on a specified database, you can dump and reload the database without disabling ALS. To disable this feature, you must use sp_dboption to set the parameter to false. Considerations for enforce dump tran sequence. enforce dump tran sequence prevents operations that disallow a subsequent dump. next we dump the database, in the dump the empty table will be present; next we insert a row and again perform a transaction log dump, so in that dump only that one record will be present; next we insert a new row, wait a little and insert the third record. If the database option enforce dump tran sequence is true, you cannot: Set select into/bulk copy/pllsort to true. Commands with partial logging are not allowed. Set trunc log on chkpt to true. The log cannot be truncated by the checkpoint process.

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